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Precautions when selecting blockboard

Precautions when selecting Blockboard

Blockboard is now more and more popular with people. When we buy and choose, what are the things we need to pay attention to? As a professional Shandong blockboard manufacturer, Xiaobian takes everyone to find out!

1, the selection of the machine board

Blockboard can be divided into two types: hand-made board and machine board. Hand-stitching is to manually insert the wooden strip into the interlayer. This kind of board is generally arranged with uneven core strips, large gaps, mostly scraps, uneven surface, poor nail holding capacity, and not suitable for sawing and cutting. Generally, it can only be used in some parts of the whole house and home decoration, such as the solid wood floor cushion board. The core of the machine panel is evenly arranged, and the core material of the surface layer is tightly combined.

2, do not hard wood

It is best not to choose hardwood for the core material. The core material of blockboard is mostly poplar, pine, paulownia, elm and hardwood. The tree species such as pine are strong and difficult to deform; it is best not to choose hardwood, because hardwood does not [eat nails".

3, pay attention to the appearance

If the perimeter of the blockboard has glue filling and putty, it means that there must be gaps or voids in the interior. You can also tap the surface of the board with a pointed instrument. If the business is different, it means there is a hole inside. In addition, it depends on whether the surface of the sheet is flat, whether there is unevenness, whether it is bent or not. The good plate is double-sided sanding, the hand feels very smooth, the four sides are straight, and the side core plates are neatly arranged without gaps.

4, detecting moisture content

The moisture content of the blockboard should not exceed 12%. The high quality blockboard is machine-dried, the moisture content can reach the standard, and the moisture content of the inferior large core board often fails to meet the standard.

5, pay attention to formaldehyde content

Formaldehyde mainly causes damage to the respiratory system.

It has been confirmed by the World Health Organization as a carcinogen.

It is mainly released from the blockboard.

When choosing, avoid using decorative panels with pungent odors.

Because the greater the odor, the higher the amount of formaldehyde released, the more harmful the pollution, the greater the harm.
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