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[Lu Li celebrates] Glorious footprints! Be a proud Chinese, a chapter of China's good plate

National Day always brings joy to people, brings poetry, brings delusions, brings embarrassment, and brings hope. This autumn, it is unusual and unusual. In this beautiful season, every square kilometer of the Republic's hot soil is soaked with joy and happiness, flowing sweet and singing.
In this day of celebration, all the technicians and employees of Luli Wood have wished together:
motherland! happy Birthday!
All my colleagues,
All partners,
Happy holiday! Well-being!


In 69 years, the glory years of the bombing command room, 69 years, the vast changes in the land of China. In 2018, our great motherland celebrated her 69th birthday.

In 1949, the People's Republic of China was established! At the beginning of the founding of New China, the country was in a state of ruin, and there were many holes in the industry. The industrial and agricultural production and national defense technology were extremely backward, and the national economy was extremely depressed. In this regard, the Chinese people did not retreat and yield, but under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, they have devoted themselves to building a flood of the motherland.

The long river of history records the twists and turns of the Chinese nation. Looking back on the difficult course of the new China's sixty-two years, the Chinese people are pursuing the dawn of dawn in the predicament. The Chinese have diligently explored in the poor and the poor, struggling hard, and struggling hard, finally embarking on a brilliant road of hope in the thorns and building a road to a strong socialist country with Chinese characteristics.


Yesterday left behind enlightenment, today can not stay in thinking. With the footsteps of the party and the motherland, Luli Wood has persevered and innovated constantly to create a high-quality and healthy product that benefits the society and rewards the people, and leads the plate industry to take off, which is worthy of the glory of the leading enterprises in the industry.


Looking back at the thirty-three years that I have not relaxed in the past, I will look back on the glorious footprints that have come along. Luli Wood began to use the most advanced international production equipment from Germany, Canada, Italy and other places. By the end of 2014, the processing of logs processing, drying and lagging materials was completed and production began. From raw materials into the factory, to processing into specifications sheet, laminated timber, Plywood, wood Flooring, directional structural panels and other products, 100% of all materials to achieve comprehensive utilization of the cycle.


Time turned to 2015, Luli Wood invested 500 million yuan from the German Dieffenbacher company's OSB production line successfully launched, and on the basis of OSB developed a revolutionary sheet - can be oriented directional structural board, its technology The quality has reached the most advanced level in the world. The isocyanate adhesive is used as the adhesive to perfectly realize the whole process of [zero formaldehyde addition". It has achieved a good green, non-polluting and non-destructive good plate. It is also the current domestic use of imported pine as raw material. Structural panels, the feat of completing an annual output of 300,000 cubic meters.


For the rise of China, we are down-to-earth, and we are striving for the motherland and for the people. Time is not limited, innovation is not extinguished. Luli plate, installed in the new world.


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